Questions that actual people have asked about the comic.

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What are the chapter titles about?

They are units in the Japanese seasonal calendar and show roughly what time of year the chapter takes place.The First Lightning Flashes, for example, is the first five days of April.
There's some more info here: 72 Seasons
I chose titles relevant to their chapters so some of them are out of sequence because they sounded cool.

What's with Masako's eyebrows?

They are Heian period makeup. Middle and upper class Heian women used to pluck their eyebrows and paint dots higher up on the forehead.
Find out more at Heian Era Cosmetics. If you've ever watched the live action Rurouni Kenshin films Megumi has an understated version of this style (when her hair isn't covering her forehead) and it's also shown in Princess Kaguya by Studio Ghibli.

When do you update?

Mondays and Wednesdays, lunchtime GMT.

Were exorcists a real thing?

Absolutely. exorcism was a real ceremony written about in 11th century Japanese diaries. Heian era Buddhists believed that many illnesses were caused by evil spirits and could be cured by exorcism. Contemporary accounts of these ceremonies were sometimes scary and disturbing but at the same time in Europe many illnesses were treated with bloodletting which was much more harmful. Buddhist exorcisms were still being carried out as late as 1967.